Higher Revenue with Commercial Advertising in Germany and Europe   

Popularity. Marketing. Image
Use our big target group reach for print and online advertising to more than 300.000 commercial retailer in the european zentrada.network. 


Classical print advertising with advertisments and inserts for our Professional Members in the German-speaking coutries. 
Powerful in image and marketing for high expectations in trade.

10.000 Run
published monthly
1/1 4C 2.050,- Euro less discounts
Inserts 165,- Euro/1.000 up to 20g

zentrada marketplace 

Banner advertisments with hyperlink on the marketplaces and in newsletter. 
Extreamly high reach and good segmentation in advertising places, topics and countries throughout Europe.

6 – 8 Mio Impressions per Month
Segmentation in countries, product groups and advertising positions
AdTech banner controlling and reporting 
Monthly packages with short delivery from 115,- (3.750) to 580,- Euro per month (20.000 impressions) 

Digital Magazine

Always up to date with cross-linked advertisments, banners and special advertisings in the digital media forms of the zentrada.magazine with extreamly high reach in the internet, as APP or simply digital. 

100.000 Email Magazines per Month  
Thousends of online users of the Magatine-APP, digital magazine and content homepage.
Classic magazin advertising forms and prices, as well as special promotion forms
To the Digital Magazine

We are glad to advise you personally 

Your Advertising is effective 

  • Image and trust make the difference in competition and marketing success in big markets 
  • Ads, inserts, cataloges, banners and promotions in the ideal advertising environment make it possible to reach your target audience and goals.
  • Link your marketing and advertising activities to achieve success. Zentrada provides concepts, media and success messurements to support a balanced marketing strategy. Zentrada suppliers are able to use these tools on favourable terms.

Advertise at the Point of Sale

  • The zentrada.network unites independent retailers in wholesale purchase- Perfect for your retail advertising!
  • Modern forms of media for modern advertising. Strong in image and perfect linked for your marketing strategy.  
  • Infinite potential and growth. Makes a unique reach and segmentationis in countries and product groups throughout Europe possible.