That’s the only way how wholesale works online and in Europe

The unique TradeSafe method for business transactions is the basis for successfull wholesale trades and business relationships. TradeSafe makes it possible to trade in every dimension with highest safety, easy and convenient, and to the satisfaction of all involved parties. 

The use of TradeSafe is for all commercial buyers and members in the without any further registration free and recommended. 

Request and Offer 

You receive on the basis of your shopping carts binding offers, which include total costs, tax treatments and delivery time, to order through TradeSafe. 

Safe Payment Europe-wide

You don´t pay to the supplier, but to the central order processing of TradeSafe with many local partners to help a fast and safe payment. 

100% BtoB Buyer Protection

and Best Price Guarantee * with TradeSafe order and payment processing. If you have any problems, open a Trouble Ticket and stop the paying of the supplier. 

Your Advantages as a Buyer 

  • Easy online management of many shopping carts, requests, offers and orders in online shopping.
  • Pay through TradeSafe and use the free 100% BtoB Buyer Protection and processing.
  • Also through TradeSafe you have the right to the best price of the supplier to the chosen amount. All TradeSafe orders are documented for the future, what makes reordering really simple.
All details for Buyers

Your Advantages as a Supplier

  • More trust of the buyers, what leads to more revenue in the distribution online and in Europe. 
  • Safety in payment and combined weekly billing for all completed deliveries. 
  • The TradeSafe customer service looks after the initial business contact, customer service and order processing with teams in 8 countries. TradeSafe  Bei Problemen übernimmt TradeSafe die Kommunikation mit Ihren Kunden.
All details for Suppliers 

Request a personal offer from the supplier through your shopping cart

Check the offer with shipping costs and delivery time and order in your TradeSafe order processing

Pay only to TradeSafe to keep the Buyer Protection. The delivery will be initiated immediately

Check the delivery, report a problem or clear the payment to the supplier